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About Us

Leonica created this company when her need for the right skin and hair care products was not met. After a series of disappointments with companies' low-quality ingredients and cheap packaging choices, she had enough.  Her frustration led to the creation of Leonica Cosmetics.

Leonica’s extensive research led her to Egypt, where she was educated on the pioneers of cosmetics - the Kemites. The Kemites kept their hair and skin cleansed and rejuvenated with handmade, holistic fragrances, oils, and butter. As a token of appreciation, the Leonica Cosmetics logo pays homage to these founders of cosmetics.

Our mission is to place the same level of pride in our creations as The Kemites. We pride ourselves in hand-picking holistic ingredients after in-depth research on their quality, benefits and uses. Our glass packaging exemplifies quality and our commitment to sustainability. Leonica Cosmetics products will not only refine and nourish your body but leave you feeling like a better version of yourself, inside and out.